At Macdoch Ventures, we seek to partner with startups throughout the Australia & New Zealand (‘ANZ’) region, from our base of Sydney, Australia. Our entry point is the late seed stage and we typically partner with 4-5 new companies per year.

We believe ANZ has all the raw materials to export globally successful technology businesses – our region has the talent, creativity, diversity, and mindset to build great companies. We don’t think a seed stage funding gap should be a barrier to the success of home-grown innovation, and this is why we focus our efforts on early stage technology businesses.


We represent patient capital as we source ANZ venture opportunities for the Macdoch Group family office, so unlike an institutional VC firm we do not have pre-defined time limits or holding periods. We look at seed stage opportunities with an understanding that the timeframes for growth look different for every company. We look to continue to follow our money in success to both protect or add to our ownership as a company grows and scales.


Macdoch Group doesn’t have any strict requirements about ownership, but typically ends up owning between 5-10% at the seed stage, which is diluted over time, even as we follow on, as successful companies develop towards growth rounds, IPO and beyond. Macdoch Group does not take controlling interests, nor is it our role to control your vision. We prefer to ensure that portfolio company Boards are well balanced with the right range of expertise and experience, rather than taking a board seat ourselves.


We believe founder-investor alignment is crucial. This is why we aren’t driven by ownership, board seats or other investment parameters, and why we don’t have a defined time horizon – we want to define success in the same way as our founders do. We are in the business of company building – which to us means building value through innovation. For us, investment returns follow this value building cycle. Operationally, we believe in the power of a tight, aligned team which represents the investor and can sit around a small table to share ideas. We think our investment process reflects this too – you’ll meet with everyone in our team before we partner, and through this we hope to bring differing perspectives and lines of inquiry as well as additional support resources for you to lean on as we learn more about your business.


When we partner with a founder, we are giving our vote of confidence that we believe in your vision and we want to help propel you to the future you want to build. We want to be your sounding board and support in achieving that – whether it is refining business plans, making introductions, challenging your assumptions or ensuring the right questions are being asked. We think it’s a privilege to share a founder’s journey and we will be there with you at every turn.

The team making this possible
The team making this possible