These are our preferred steps of contact. We much prefer a warm lead or face-to-face, but if all else fails, there’s always option 3.

Warm introduction

Our preference is for you to meet and greet our networks so they can introduce you to us – the typical VC warm introduction. This can be through our portfolio founders, other founders we have met, accelerators, angel investors, later stage investors, your professional services providers (accountants, lawyers etc), or anyone in the ecosystem – the stronger your connection to the person making the introduction, the more valuable it is to both parties.


We also love to meet founders at events. Click the calendar icon to see where we’re going to be and drop in for a chat.

Drop us a line

If neither of the above methods are feasible for you and you think Macdoch Ventures might be a fit, we promise to review everything that comes into our inbox, though this is likely to take longer due to large volumes. Fill out the form below and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Whichever way we cross paths – we would love if you could tell us why specifically you have sought out Macdoch Ventures?
In case you missed it, you can learn about what we look for and how our team works

Drop us a line